Monday, November 28, 2011

Mug Rug Bug and My "Monthlies"

I certainly have caught the mug rug bug!! I love making these sweet "little quilts". Since Nov 23rd I have made another nine! I've varied them, including some patchwork and interesting Christmas prints. Also, for the first time I have tried some of the fancy stitches available on my Viking. About time, having had the machine for six years!! They are all approximately 6" x 9". So now I have thirteen, enough to send to my mom. I hope she and the staff at her residence like them.

I have just started doing maching applique so maybe I will add a few stars or something to the plainer mug rugs.

I have been quilting for about six years and love trying new techniques and projects.. Yesterday I started making a series of wall hangings (one for each month of the year) using Nancy Halvorsen's designs in Count On It. Machine applique is a new technique for me. I must admit I tried it, without success a couple years ago, but that was without any instruction.

So far I have made two of the hangings, with some slight changes. Again these are to send to my Mom to brighten her room. I'll send these off with her Christmas package. The remaining ten "monthlies" have quite magically mushroomed into twenty-two!! My partner loves them so much she wants us to have a set too. They are lovely designs with only a few quite large pieces and thus provide a great way to begin applique. Nancy's instructions are great, too. After my earlier efforts, I found this easy to do and I am pleased with the results.

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The Sunflower Patch said...

Love all your super cute mug rugs,and that snowman wall hanging for Jan is way to cute!

Oknana said...

Love your rugs and snowman!