Friday, November 25, 2011

Celebrate Colour

My mother is definitely an autumn person. She was born in late October, looks good in autumn colours because of her red hair and loves this season the best, too. So I was not surprised when she said she would like me to make her a quilt with maple leaves in it. Oh, did I mention that we are Canadian too? She was expecting the quilt to be predominantly autumn leaf fabric and was surprised and impressed with my maple leaf blocks.

I didn't really have a pattern for this quilt, but adapted a block I had seen on line. I like this leaf much better than the traditional maple leaf block. Also the fabric was a collection of autumn coloured batiks I had collected from various sources during the year. Every leaf is unique and is shaded from dark to light. I refer to this quilt as Mom's "nap quilt" as it is long enough to cover her when napping (70 inches) but narrow enough to keep the weight down. (She is an 85-yr-old senior.) The flying geese, appropriate for the season, made the quilt just long enough. Mom loves it and it just covers the top of her bed in her assisted living residence. I also made the pillowcase from coordinating fabric to match.

I am entering this quilt in the Celebrate Color contest offered by Stitched in Color. As usual I am just under the wire, and I see that there are lots of great entries there already!!

Celebrate Color

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Patti said...

Congratulations on a beautiful quilt! I'm sure your Mom enjoys it every day.