Friday, June 15, 2012

And now for something completely different...

Well, friends, I have learned something very important about blogging ~ if you spend too much time on Pinterest there is not enough time to write in your blog!!  (Does this sound familiar?)  I am not sure if I still have any readers out there, or if indeed I ever did LOL!

Many months have passed since my last blog ... my letters to friends used to begin the same way!!!  I have had many interesting things happening in my life and have done a fair amount of creating.  I'll start with what I was working on today and over the next few weeks report on the missing months.


From this: 

To this:

These little scrappy blocks will work their way into a child`s quilt for the IWK (children`s hospital in Halifax, NS.)  I have not decided yet just how I will put them together.

From this: 

To this:

And also this:

I have found a quilting group (Warm Wishes) in my new neighbourhood.  I`ll tell you more about them later.  Anyway, they do all charity quilting which is right up my alley.  At our meeting on Wednesday I snafu`d the African print from a bag of donated scraps and decided to cut it up to make a couple of kid`s quilts.  More in the coming weeks.

And last but not least, here is a project I am hoping to complete this summer.  This Grandmother`s Flower Garden was started by my mom, pre-1950.  She set it aside when she had my brother and just never got back to it.  So I am hoping to finish it as a surprise for her.  It is all sewn by hand (not my forte) and, unfortunately, not with 1/4 inch seams.  So, it may be a bit tricky matching her sewing, but I am goiing to try.  This will probably result in a first - hand pieced but machine quilted!!

Don`t you love the hugging bears?
 They belong to my mom, too but there is no room for them in her room at the Guest House.

More soon and I hope you are all enjoying this lovely spring into summer weather!!